Technical overview

Seascape -BWMS isa combined treatment system which takes advantage of filter and EPTEnhanced Physical Treatment-UV/USunit. It is most environmental friendly andoptimally designed for all types of vessels.Adopting a pure physical treatmenttechnology, Seascape  -BWMS effectivelydisinfects harmful aquatic organism and pathogen in water without generatingany toxic substance during ballasting and de-ballasting process.


Compared tochemical technology:

A. Be safe andreliable due to chemical-free operation. Chemical technology produces harmfulchemicals, such as H2and CI2, which is a potential riskto vessels and personnel; while Seascape -BWMS utilizes pure physicaltechnology and is completely environmental friendly.

B. Be highlyefficient and fits all vessel types. Chemical technology needs a long holdingtime to disinfect organisms in ballast water, which limits its applicationduring short voyage. For Seascape -BWMS, there is no salinity limitation and noneed of holding time.

C. Simplestructure and easy operation. Concentration of Total Residual OxideTROneeds to be detected for chemical technology, which ismore tedious than physical technology.

D. Low cost and economical maintenance. A high maintenance cost would be necessary for chemical technology, while it only needs to replace UV lamps for Seascape -BWMS

A. Seascape -BWMS owns an US device to clean quartz tubes and enhance treating efficiency, which makes the system much smaller and have the lowest power consumption compared with other systems.

B. Due to the application of US device, no other cleaning units are needed in the system, has simple structure and easy for installation.

C. Self-cleaning filter, and it fits waters with high TSS content, free of manual dismounting and cleaning.

D. UV output power can be adjusted according to water quality in order to save power consumption.

E. Seascape -BWMS is fitted with global remote support system for easy and high-effective service.