Company developing history

Sept, 2010    Elite Marine Corporation was established.

Feb, 2011     R&Dteam was organized and ship owner representatives’ symposium was held tounderstand customer needs.

Sept, 2011    Developed the prototype for water inspection,all data meet the standard requirements.

Oct, 2011     MSA,Ministry of Transport, PRC conducted safety and environment evaluation andapproved technology adopted by Elite Marine.

Jan, 2012     The first Seascape-250-BWMS was manufactured to do the function andperformance tests.

Mar, 2012    Surveyors from CCS, BV, LR, DNV and RINA, etc. were invited to superviseland-based testing conducted in COSCO (DALIAN). The First Instituteof Oceanography, SOA,Shenyang ResearchInstitute of Chemical Industry, PONY testing international Group wereentrusted to conduct bio-availability test, toxicity test, by-products testrespectively.

Jan, 2013     Seascape-250-BWMS was installed on KAISHENG 166.

Mar, 2013    CCSBVLRDNVRINA, etc. were involved inland-based testing and FIO, SOA were entrusted to the inspection of watersamples.

June, 2013   Cooperate with Tsinghua University for the development of scaledproducts.

Oct, 2013     723 Institute, CSSC were entrusted to conduct environmental and EMCtests and relevant qualified reports were issued

Dec, 2013     Type approval certificate issued by CCS is obtained.

Jan, 2014     Seascape-BWMS is approved by IMO.

Feb, 2014     Completed the scaled testing of Seascape-1000-BWMS.

June, 2014   Seascape-BWMS was manufactured for trial.

July, 2014    Started to establish global marketing and service network

Oct, 2014     Seascape--BWMS was accepted by USCG as the AMS.

Nov, 2014    Type approval certificate issued by BV was obtained.

Dec, 2014    Type approval certificate issued by LR was obtained.

Jan, 2015    Type approval certificate issued by NK wasobtained.

Feb, 2015   Type approval certificate issued by RINA was obtained.

Mar, 2015   Type approval certificate issued by RS was obtained.

Apr, 2015    Type approval certificate issued by ABS was obtained.

Aug, 2015    Signed with DNV-GL for cooperation agreement, the related tests of USCGfinal type approval will be completed by DHI independent Lab Singapore.

Dec, 2017     Seascape-300-BWTS was delivered to DHI Lab Singapore with successful results.

Oct, 2017     Shipboard test approved by USCG has be completed.

Jan, 2019    Environmental test approved by USCG has completed in Shanghai .

2019    Hand over reports and documents and expect to obtain final type approval certificate of USCG.