Composition unit

Filter Unit

During uptakeballast water passes through an automatic self-cleaning filter. The filterremoves particulates, sediments, zooplankton and phytoplankton over 50 microns.Automatic back flushing ensures and maintains filtration precision, which canachieve high working efficiency in the waters of high turbidity.During theback-flushing cycle, the filtered water continues to flow in  the normal manner, without being interrupted.


    •High UV transmission

    •Low pressure drop

    •Treating capacity: 80~5,000 m /h

    •Applies to process in the waters of highturbidity

    •Low inflow of sediment

    •Automatic back flushing

EPT  Unit

UV (Ultraviolet)radiation is used to disinfect water efficiently and safely. UV technology iseasy to operate and needs no expensive and potentially hazardous chemicals.US(Ultrasound) device is combined with UV radiation to penetrate cell membraneand cell wall to assist UV in destroying DNA and RNA of the microbes, affectingsynthesis of enzymes and protein in the cells caused by variation, with theresult of cell's death due to abnormal metabolism.

What's more, US(Ultrasound) device can effectively clean the quartz tubes to ensure themaximum UV transmission at all times by preventing the accumulation of scaleson the quartz tubes.

UV dose can be monitored continuously andadjusted automatically by PLC (Programmable Logic Controller) and lightintensity sensor to fit all kinds of water of different turbidity in order toachieve maximum treatment efficiency. An extra level sensor and a temperaturesensor provide additional guarantee of safety.


    •No active substances nor toxic by-products

    •No corrosion problem

    •US Self-cleaning

    •Long life & High efficiency

    •Easy maintenance and operation

    •Capacity: 80~5,000 m /h


Electrical PowerSupply Tank & Control &Monitoring Cabinet

Control unit isPLC (Programmable Logic Controller) based and configured, which can make localcontrol achievable. The real-time network communication protocol can also beused to integrate Seascape -BWMS with other automatic control systems on board,providing access to all Seascape -BWMS functions through the vessel's  standard interface.


    •On line data display

    •Touch screen operation

    •Alarm function

    •Data record for at least 24 months

    •Controller: SIEMENS PLC

    •Human machine interface system